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Description Maqtel is a telnet client. It can be used as an ordinairy client, GUI-based, but the main intention is do use it for scripting telnet accesses. It runs as an indepentdant program, no setup needed. Features When running in background, a script-file controls the process. script-file location is passed as parameter.
Major difference with most scriptable telnets is the way the script works.
A telnet is a dialog, so the script should not have a predefined sequence of actions, but should react depending on what the server says. This script-languager has this possibility.

some scripting examples: automated fetching of cisco config
automated fetching of ascend config
for info: ascends were an old type of ras-servers.

scripting help is in the program itself, when starting it up.
you can already having a loot at it here. Download You can download the program here. This is not a setup, as it needs nothing special. unzip it, and run it. Distribution / comments The program is freeware.
In case of problems, or if you like it, you can contact me by email.
But support, you will only get after a contribution.
if you really like it, and want to contribute (for the many hours spent in writing it). just send a mail, and I will contact you.
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