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Description MAQEBA is a web based directory browser. Features This program (service) works like file-sharing, i.e. it allows you to share any directory on ony disk of you computer.
Extra features, compared to file sharing:
Access to the subdirectories can be limited to any depth wanted.
Files-access within a directory and its subdirectories can be reduced by wildcard-notation.
No need to open file-sharing ports over firewalls or over the internet
Way it works The program is installed as a service, so no need to be logged on to have it running. In a configuration file, you define
on what port it should listen
which directory/directories you want to make visible
if you want subdirectories to be visible in there, up to how many levels
the display-mask, wildcard notation, to make it possible to select specific files only
for big files, a scroll-tool is available to limit the amount of data to be transferred in one piece.

You just use internet explorer or any other browser,to view the directories/files, and click on the file to display it.
Files can be displayed in text or hex. Non-displayable characters are replaced by underscores. Download You can find the program here. Distribution / comments This program is not freeware. The version you can download here will be restricted in functionalities. e.g. the number of files displayed per directory is limited. If you want the full options, please register by sending a mail, and I will contact you.
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