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Description MAQBACK is the result of many hours/days of programming. It is a flexible backup tool, rich in features, and easy to use. No special requirements, and most of all, the resulting backup is standard zip-format. Thus, no special restore-software required.
As a consequence, no restore function is included. Features
Backups are defined as 'sets'.
Thus, different definitions can be made, as independant backups.
   one can select files, trough wildcard or not, or directories.
   A mixture of any source is possible, as well from local files as from network shares.
   Always in zip-format.
   local output, network shares, or even ftp-location.
   A history of the backups is maintained.
   A mail can be send with the backup report, when an smtp-server is available.
Automated backup:
   Backups can be sheduled trough the standard 'at' command of windows.  The creation
	 of the at-commands is done trough the program.	 	  
Other features:
   Passwords from network and ftp locations can be saved, encrypted.	
Many other features are included, like pre and post backup processing, remote backup via ftp or scp,...   

some screenshots Download You can download the program here This is a setup, creating all required directories. Distribution / comments The program is NOT freeware. As it took a lot of effort to write this, and I still extend with new features, only a free 'limited version' is available on my web-site. fearures like smtp-mail and some others are not supported in this version. If you want the full version, please ask for a registration-key via email.
If someone would like extra features, just ask me, I will see what I can do.

© Marcel Quintelier.