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Description fwauth is a very specific program.
Checkpoint can use client authentication in it's rulebase. for these rules, one needs to authenticate on the firewall.
most used method is telnet to port 259.
annoying thing however is this telnet that has to stay open all the time. So I wrote a small program, just being a telnet client. Features The program has a nice GUI, and when authenticated, it can be minimized to the systray.
userid can be predefined in an ino-file, the program's logo can be changed, and multiple sites can be defined.
changing the logo is done by just replacing the logo.bmp file in the program's directory. To know if the connection is still working, a host can be polled (ping). Note that the program must have the rights to do raw socket calls for this polling (not for the regular work). Screenshot Download You can download the program here. This is not a setup, as it needs nothing special. unzip it, adapt the ini-file as needed, and the logo. Distribution / comments The program is freeware.
In case of problems, or if you like it, you can contact me by email.
But support, you will only get after a contribution.
if you really like it, and want to contribute (for the private time spent in writing it). just send a mail, and I will contact you.
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